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Campus Linux Services, part of the Office of Information Technology, in cooperation with Red Hat, has created the NCSU Open Source Initiative. Our goals are to encourage the use, adoption, participation in Open Source projects, and encourage collaboration in the local community.

The Open Source Initiative offers several services. These include Open Source project hosting tools, mailing lists, and this wiki for ideas, and cool stuff. See the Open Source Initiative web site for details about the project hosting tools.


How to Get Involved

Contribute to NC State's Open Source Projects


Expertiza is a web application where students can submit and peer-review learning objects (articles, code, web sites, etc). Expertiza is primarily developed by NC State students under the direction of Dr. Gehringer. It is used in select courses at NC State and by professors at several other colleges and universities. The Expertiza team is actively seeking others who would be interested in contributing to the project.


iTrust is a medical web application that provides patients with a means to keep up with their medical history and records as well as communicate with their doctors. A live demo is available from the website. It is regularly contributed to by NC State's CSC 326 Software Engineering students.

Host Your Project with Us

The information you need to setup hosting with us and the services that we provide are listed on the main Open Source Initiative page. For Open Source projects at NCSU we can offer:

If you need assistance with our hosting tools please create a SupportTicket.

Make Your Project Part of the Network

One of the goals of the OSI project is to form a network of all the Open Source activity happening at NC State University. Please feel free to use the OSI graphic on the top of this page or from the following URLs:

Create a project page to be part of the NCSU Open Source Initiative network. See the UsingThisWiki page to find out how to create an account and get started with a home page in this wiki. Next, create a wiki page for your project (hopefully using a WikiName) and use the ProjectTemplate to fill it out. You may use your project page to list your project with the NCSU Open Source Initiative and as a wiki or web site for your project. Look below for a list of projects.

List Your Open Source Contributions

Make a home page for yourself. Your home page WikiName is the same as your wiki login name. (Mine is JackNeely.) When you create your home page use the HomepageTemplate to help fill out some information about yourself, the projects you work with, and some of the contributions you've made. A list of folks that have filled out some of their contributions can be found below.

Email List

Subscribe to our mailing list and find out about some of the Open Source work happening around NC State University. To subscribe, send an email to with a message of

subscribe opensource

Once a member, you can post to the list by emailing

Using This Wiki

How do I get an account? What do I need to do to get write access? What templates do I use to create pages?

These and many more questions are covered in the UsingThisWiki page.

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